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Byet Internet Services Reviews

Please note that Byet Internet Services has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Byet Internet Services below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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Byet Internet Services Review

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Byet Internet Services, or ByetHost.com, sells a selection of hosting plans in every category from basic shared hosting to middle-end dedicated servers.  However, although the company offers reasonable specifications on all its packages, its range of dedicated servers is very limited. More concerning, its poor technical support makes it a bad choice for many, particularly for those with little or no experience in running a website.

Shared Hosting

Byet Internet's free hosting offers reasonable specifications and functionality, but it certainly isn't the best around.  As with most hosting companies offering free hosting, this plan has been designed to provide you with just enough to get started, but little enough that you will soon want to upgrade to one of the company's premium plans.  With these, the specifications are far more generous.  'Unlimited' storage, whilst never actually being infinite, will allow you to grow your website to a fairly substantial size, as well as uploading media and other big files, to give your site the look and professionalism you are after.  Both premium plans also come with cPanel control panel and Fantastico script installer, which are the popular choices for website management software and by far the best in their field.

Virtual Private Servers

Byet offers a good range of virtual private servers at fairly middle-of-the-range prices. The HyperVM control panel and full root access will ensure that you have complete control of your virtual server, and the ability to request a range of operating systems gives you a level of flexibility.  However, Byet lacks the high-end specifications that some of its competitors are offering on their VPS packages, particularly those that allow customers to customize different elements of their virtual servers.  Whilst this may not be an issue for all customers, it does limit the scalability and upgrade potential of your plan, and this is something you should consider if you are likely to need to expand your hosting greatly in the future.

Dedicated Servers

Byet's dedicated servers only really cater to the lower end of the dedicated market, as there is nothing here with the high-end specifications that larger businesses will most likely be looking for.  And, whilst it is good to have a choice between several different server setups, this is no substitute for customization, which other web hosting providers are increasingly offering.  With Byet, you can only upgrade the bandwidth, if you also upgrade the CPU, for example, and this may mean you end up paying for features that you do not need.  Whilst there is nothing wrong with what Byet is offering in this department, it is just not enough to make it a persuasive alternative to the more established names in the business.


When it comes to choosing a web host, one of the most important features is the support.  All website owners experience problems from time to time, and you need to know that you can rely on high-quality technical support.  Unfortunately, ByetHost.com completely fails in this department.  The online support center is difficult to navigate and messy, making it very hard to find what you are looking for.  More importantly, however, Byet relies on a ticket system for direct support contact, so there is no real guarantee that your queries will be answered promptly or effectively.

If you are looking for the same specifications that Byet has to offer, in the same price range, you can do a lot better elsewhere.  Check out our Top 10 for some other options.

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Please note that Byet Internet Services has now been discontinued.

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