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Cirtex Hosting Reviews

Please note that Cirtex Hosting has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Cirtex Hosting below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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Cirtex Hosting Review

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Cirtex offer a wide range of hosting products, from basic shared options to dedicated servers. Their expansive website allows you to view full feature lists for each of these, and far from being confusing lists of data, it shows each aspect separately and explains all of the terms that only hardened techies would understand. However, it is only if you read the whole of these lists that you notice the rather sneaky pricing - the amount quoted at the top without clarification is then explained, after much scrolling, as the three-year contract price. Month-by-month contracts will nearly double the price of shared options while adding around $11 a month to reseller and business plans.

Shared Hosting

Even with their cheapest option, Cirtex include several useful features, the highlight of which is probably the inclusion of cPanel, the well-regarded control panel software, which in this deal even comes as a Colortex patch, meaning it’s conveniently color-coded for even greater ease of use. There’s also a fully-functional site-builder (some free models have greatly restricted feature lists to encourage you to upgrade to a paid-for version) that includes plenty of professionally designed templates, each with multiple color and graphic options, so even without designing experience you can create a great looking site. If you do want to write the code itself, this plan supports Perl, PHP 5 and CGI Scripting amongst others, so you should not feel your choice is limited. In addition, should you wish to sell your products online, instant shopping carts from Agora, Zen and Cube are all included. The ‘Basic’ plan, at $2.49 a month, comes with seven domains, and all three shared plans have unlimited storage, bandwidth and subdomains, allowing you as much space and traffic, and as many iterations of your main domains, as you might need. Upgrading to the $6.99 a month ‘Advanced’ plan gives you further flexibility by allowing the web application framework ‘Ruby on Rails’, as well as boosting your potential sales by submitting your site to all major search engines and providing use of a shared SSL for secure transactions. It also increases the number of FTP and email accounts, and databases, by tenfold. The ‘Pro’ plan removes these restrictions altogether, giving you infinite email, file transfer and data retrieval possibilities.

Reseller and Business Hosting

Cirtex have several common features to their three Reseller plans, which differ solely on storage, bandwidth, and of course price. These features include custom branding for your own hosting, unlimited domains and databases, as well as allowing overselling. Starting with 25GB of storage and a 5000GB bandwidth for $24.99 a month, these plans suit hosting sites with minimal storage requirements, though there’s plenty of bandwidth for traffic. In fact, Cirtex often have special deals on these packages, including unlimited bandwidth which further boosts the Reseller’s credentials. Their most expensive package costs a penny under $55 and comes with 75GB storage alongside 15000GB of data transfer. The business plans have most of the same features as the Reseller plan, with unlimited bandwidth as standard, and cost $10 a month more than their Reseller counterparts. The storage on offer is slightly less - 20, 40 and 70GB respectively for the three plans - so if you can grab a Reseller plan on offer it represents a better deal.

VPS and Dedicated Servers

There are several choices for both virtual private and dedicated services. A sliding scale on the site shows you how the memory, both guaranteed and burstable, and disk space change with each plan, and there are also options to choose your control panel in most cases, between solely Virtuozzo or with cPanel included. The price for this add-on though, is a rather steep $20, and this isn’t optional for the higher-spec models. The dedicated servers offer three choices of RAM, from 4096MB to 16384MB and their prices range from $300 to $800. Like the VPS plans, they come with full root/admin access, and with each dedicated server you can add more RAM, hard disk drives and IP addresses.


All providers should have an extensive support network in place, to ensure any problems with users are dealt with swiftly and comprehensively. Cirtex’s site hosts FAQs and step-by-step tutorials, live web chat and a ticketing system alongside a 24/7 phone line, representing a perfectly adequate offering.

Cirtex’s plans have potential to offer strong value for money across the board, if you can afford to be tied in for longer than average terms; otherwise, however, they are above the going rate. However if commitment isn’t a problem, it may be worth comparing them to the best of the competition, so take a look at our top 10 lists for ideas.

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Please note that Cirtex Hosting has now been discontinued.

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