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Category: Web Hosting Services (AKA Website Hosting Services)
Website: http://www.000webhost.com

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000 Web Host Costs & Features

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  • Free - Free web hosting package.
  • $4.84/month - Premium web hosting package.


  • Hosting specifications include:
    • 1500 MB or unlimited disc space. (Free and Premium plans respectively.)
    • 100 GB or unlimited bandwidth. (Free and Premium plans respectively.)
    • 99%+ uptime.
  • Website management and design features:
    • cPanel Pro control panel. (Premium plan only.  Free plan uses Custom Panel.)
    • Website builder. (Advanced version for Premium customers.)
    • PHP and FTP support.
    • CGI scripts. (Premium plan only.)
    • 2 or unlimited My SQL databases. (Free and Premium plans respectively.)
  • Domain features:
    • Unlimited domains hosted.
    • Free domain name. (Premium plan only.)
  • Email features include:
    • 5 or unlimited email accounts. (Free and Premium plans respectively.)
    • Mailing lists. (Premium plan only.)
  • Support and reliability, including:
    • Backups. (Automatic weekly backups with Premium plan; limited with Free plan.)
    • Phone and live chat support. (Premium plan only.)
    • Online support center.
    • Assistance in installing scripts. (Premium plan only.)


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