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Please note that HostClear has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of HostClear below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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HostClear Review

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HostClear is one of a number of companies offering a small number of inexpensive shared hosting plans to individuals and small businesses. The company generally keeps up with the competition in this niche, and if anything it scores above average. However, with many bigger hosting providers offering ever-more impressive features at ever-more competitive prices, it fails to make it into the top handful of companies. And, primarily limiting itself as it does to budget shared plans, HostClear.com is unable to attract big-budget customers looking for more advanced hosting solutions.

Shared Hosting

With unlimited disk space and bandwidth, HostClear's plans are off to a good start. While this is never in reality actually 'unlimited', as companies tend to keep an eye on usage to make sure you are not exceeding reasonable levels, it is certainly a good start for a company whose most basic plan costs a mere $3 monthly. The company also claims higher server speeds for its more expensive plans, and this seems like a fair use of technology, but if you were to play devil's advocate, you might ask why it is not prepared to use its best technology for all its customers.

When it comes to building your website, all the basics are here, including the expected range of supported scripts, a choice of website builders and complete multimedia compatibility. Whilst there is nothing here that you don't see in nearly every decent shared plan on the market, there is certainly enough to keep you busy. Other bonuses, such as the generous provision of free ad credits, are also little more than you would expect elsewhere, but are still very welcome. More useful still are the free domain names, with each plan offering between one and three in your first year. Given that HostClear is on the cheaper end of the market, this is really quite impressive. And, should you want it, a dedicated IP is available, an additional option not available on all shared plans. However, for every benefit of HostClear's plans there is a limitation: for example, those looking for Windows hosting will have to look elsewhere, as this company only offers Linux as standard. And, of course, any HostClear customer looking to scale up to a virtual private or dedicated server will need to change their hosting company, as there is nothing above shared hosting here.


A strong support system is central to any decent hosting company, and HostClear is no exception. Although the company is generally very reliable and suffers minimal downtime, you still need to be sure that you have someone to contact when things do go wrong. Fortunately, with a well-developed online help center and a range of options for direct contact, customers can be confident that there will always be a ready solution to their problems.

HostClear is a strong contender in the area of shared hosting, but on a number of small of points it falls behind the best in the business. You won't go far wrong if you eventually opt for HostClear, but with other sites offering more for less, we suggest you check out our Top 10 to see what else is available.

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Please note that HostClear has now been discontinued.

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