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Please note that Jeeran has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of Jeeran below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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Jeeran Review

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Part social network, part web hosting company, Jeeran claims to be the 'biggest Arab community online.'  Although its range of web hosting products have always been very limited, its multi-dimensional nature gives you instant access to hundreds of thousands of users from across the Arab world.  So although most website owners will want something with more features and higher specifications, some may find what they are looking for in Jeeran.com.

Jeeran's web hosting packages were originally designed to cater for several different levels of user.  Unfortunately, they have recently scaled back their efforts, and now only offer free membership packages.  As far as free web hosting goes, Jeeran is certainly at the lower end in terms of specifications.  50 MB of storage really is not very much at all, and the bandwidth allowance could be eaten up very quickly.  Now that their premium packages have been removed, this makes expanding your site almost impossible.  If you are simply creating a small website for your personal interests, the low specifications will not be a problem, but this rules out Jeeran for small businesses.  On the plus side, although Jeeran's free web hosting package, like most of the competition, relies on advertisements, these are less intrusive than on some similar sites.

Like most free web hosting companies, Jeeran allows you to use any one of a number of ready-made site templates.  These are not unattractive, but they do not give much room for personalization or interaction.  The site still shows its 'premium' templates, but these are no longer available, and seeing what you can no longer have is only going to make you less satisfied with the small selection on offer.  When you create your site, it is easy to rename pages, assign various functions to each one, and manage your site from the control panel.  However, the functionality on offer here is minimal.  For novices looking for easy site creation, this is fine; anybody else should probably stay away.

Jeeran's unique selling point is its use of social networking features, and integration of personal websites, profiles, chatting and blogging.  If you want to create a small site that will be of particular interest to the Arab market and you also want to make the most of these interactive features on the main site, Jeeran is worth considering.  Jeeran is not for everyone and does not claim to be, but at the moment it is the only real competitor in its niche.  If this is what you are looking for, Jeeran is currently the best option out there.

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Please note that Jeeran has now been discontinued.

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