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T35 Hosting Reviews

Please note that T35 Hosting has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of T35 Hosting below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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T35 Hosting Review

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T35 Hosting is one of a number of hosting companies offering free ad-supported hosting in the hope that customers will upgrade to a premium plan.  And as with many similar companies, T35's premium plans offer quite poor value for money, relying instead on customers not having the time or the technical knowledge required to transfer to a better-value host.  In general, therefore, T35 will not provide you with the benefits of a more expensive web host.  However, it does offer one or two features in its premium packages that are worthy of mention, and if it can make a few improvements, it might some day be a promising hosting company.

Unusually, T35 Hosting offers more disc space and bandwidth with its free hosting plan than with its premium packages.  Of course, T35 applies file size limits, and more importantly will place ads on your website.  And although this was once very much standard practice for free web hosts, the top companies are increasingly offering ad-free hosting at no cost.  Further up the scale, the specifications are unimpressive, particularly considering that T35 is more expensive than many shared web hosting providers.  All the standard scripts are supported (though not in the free plan), but there is nothing in the way of design and management features that puts T35 Hosting above the competition.

Where T35 really excels, however, is in its reliability.  With an enviable uptime record, and strong overall performance, it certainly punches above its weight in this department.  Another nice touch is that unlike many hosts, T35 does include free domain privacy, which will save you a few dollars over the course of a year.  However, even these facts are not enough to make T35 a sensible option for the majority of website owners.

The biggest weakness of T35 Hosting's plan is its support system.  Although there are a number of online options, including a support forum, a ticket system and a knowledgebase, the only method of speaking directly and immediately with their support staff is by live chat.  To make matters worse, their chat lines are not staffed full-time, and they cannot give detailed advice on when they might be!  The forums are at least reasonably active, and the knowledgebase is quite detailed, but this lack of 24-hour direct contact is a major downside to T35.com's service.

Overall, T35 Hosting does not offer anything to distinguish itself, and although it has impressive reliability, its poor support system will put off most users.  If it remedies this, however, and offers higher specifications, it may eventually prove to be a valid option when it comes to choosing a shared hosting plan.

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Please note that T35 Hosting has now been discontinued.

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