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Please note that The Planet has been discontinued and is no longer available. You can read our old review of The Planet below, or check out the rest of the Web Hosting Services we've reviewed.

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The Planet Review

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The Planet specializes in dedicated, managed and cloud hosting.  As you will see from their homepage, their designers have done an impressive job, and their site is easily navigated and explored.  However, they are not selling site design, and so it is important to look beyond the flashy branding at the products themselves.  When you look closely at the hosting on offer at ThePlanet.com, you will see that it is both secure and flexible.  A variety of hosting options means that most customers will find something to cover their requirements, and with dozens of options available for every aspect of your server, you will only have to pay for what you need.

Dedicated Hosting

The Planet offers a very high level of customization when you come to purchase your server, though this could have been slightly more simply explained on the site itself.  Their powerful servers come with varying levels of RAM, storage and other specifications, so you can tailor your plan to suit you, and their processors are some of the best in the business.  And unlike some dedicated hosting companies, they give users the opportunity to purchase either US- or UK-based servers, though choosing UK-based hosting may limit your options in terms of server features.  Overall, it is a promising effort.  Unfortunately, the cost is a little above some similar dedicated hosting plans available elsewhere, which will put some users off, but you pay for what you get, and The Planet's support and reliability cannot be faulted.

Cloud Hosting

Cloud hosting is easy to set up at The Planet, and can also be customized in a number of ways.  Their three basic packages stretch from fairly affordable to quite advanced, so you can scale up as your needs increase.  They have very low latency, and are generally very reliable, with nodes in North America, Europe, East Asia and Australia to put the content closer to your users.  In terms of cost, their cloud hosting is very reasonable, but they do not offer the extreme ends of the spectrum.  Neither very basic cloud hosting, nor the most advanced is available, so if you are looking for either of these, you will need to look elsewhere.

ThePlanet.com's biggest strength is the degree to which you can choose how your hosting is managed.  Everything from entirely self-managed to fully managed and every variation is available, and they show you the options clearly so that you can choose whichever option is most appropriate to your website or business.  Even for those who have chosen to manage their hosting themselves, there is a high level of support in all mediums, including an impressive online support area.  And with their top quality live chat and telephone support, you can be sure that your issues will be dealt with promptly and effectively.

The Planet provides a good selection of dedicated, managed and cloud hosting products for most users' needs.  They offer high value for money, although they are not quite as competitive as a few of the alternatives, and their support leads the field.  The majority of customers will be perfectly happy with ThePlanet.com, and it is definitely worth checking out, especially for those who do not want to maintain their own servers and need fully managed hosting.  For those after a more specific combination of hosting features, however, have a look at some of the other options in our Top 10.

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Please note that The Planet has now been discontinued.

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