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Your site will not appear in search engines
07 April 2015
Reviewer: Fernman from London, UK

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I had a free account with x10hosting. Firstly, they require you to log in to your Cpanel at least once a month. There was little point in my case as my site never changed, but they started sending me emails, as follows:

" We are sending you this email to remind you to visit the x10Hosting Account Portal.
Visiting the Account Portal once per month is a requirement to keep your hosting account All that we require is that you access the portal while authenticated."

So I put a recurring reminder in my calendar and logged on once a month, but after just 4 months I received notification that my account had been suspended "due to inactivity".

Am I sorry? No, not really, because my site never came up in online searches, in spite of me submitting it to all the major search engines, and more than once, too. I've had other web sites before, and they always appeared in the first page of results, but not this one, it never showed.

In summary, I would not recommend x10Hosting to a friend.

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