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Huge bills are issued for excess traffic
23 November 2021
Reviewer: Itsoft from Moscow, Russia

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If you ordered a server with a limit of, say, 10 TB, but there was an attack on your server, then you will have to pay for traffic from the rates of 5 cents per gigabyte. The problem is not only that illegal traffic is not cut off, but that ordinary traffic packages are calculated at much lower tariffs. For example, in one of the months we were billed for 4429 euros for overspending traffic of 98 TB, although the same traffic costs a very reasonable 60 euros from the provider. The difference is more than 70 times. Moreover, the official offer agreement does not contain these frenzied prices of 5 cents per gigabyte, they are indicated on the website in the FAQ section, which is only a reference information. In other words, traps are set.

In summary, I would not recommend LeaseWeb to a friend.

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