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Bad customer service!
24 June 2022
Reviewer: Larry from USA

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Dynadot has been good when I need to contact them in the past. I recently needed help getting logged in, and contacted Michael McKenna -- one of their chat agents.

Michael has terrible customer service skills. After repeatedly telling him my e-mail is down because I can't get logged in to renew my domains, he continued to tell me to "email this address" for help!

After going around 5 times telling him I couldn't e-mail, and him responding to email somebody, I lost it and must admit I typed a bad word.

Michael responded not by apologizing for his lack of customer service, and properly calling me out on my poor response. No indeed -- he banned my IP address!

I tried to contact again on another computer with a different IP, and unfortunately was again connected to Michael. He immediately banned that IP too...not even giving me time to apologize, nor in any way recognizing how unhelpful and dense he was being.

Michael needs some serious remedial training. If this is the type of people dynadot is now using for support, I may take my business (and all my domains) elsewhere.

In summary, I would not recommend DynaDot to a friend.

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