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Bravenet is horrible-'Unlimited Bandwidth' is a lie
26 March 2018
Reviewer: Larry from Indiana, USA

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Bravenet advertises 'unlimited bandwidth' but this is a lie. Unknownst to the user, they put what they call 'soft limits' on your bandwidth usage, so if you go over that they will, without notice, take your sites down for being 'over bandwidth'. You have to contact them (via online support ticket--there is no 'live' help, telephone number, etc) and have them fix your sites. Even then (if you can finally get a response from anyone), all they do is make sure you're not 'abusing' (their mysterious determination) and then increase your 'soft limit' incrementally. So next month you may go over again, they shut your sites down, you have to contact them again, etc. Bravenet's 'unlimited bandwidth' is a lie and the company is a clown show. I was a customer for 15+ years but finally got tired of their excuses, lies and abuse. Good riddance.

In summary, I would not recommend Bravenet to a friend.

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